Magazine Madness and/or Mania: selections from the Sears Wish Book for the 1980 Holiday Season

While it is fun to admire the $230 floral-and-polka dot ensembles (with matching bolero!) on the pages of teen fashion magazines, real people actually just wore normal clothes from Sears.

1980 Sears Wishbook


Luxurious earth-tone velour perma-press clothes. What was waiting for teenagers under the tree in 1980? How about some really tall pants? (Click to enlarge)

Sears 100

Or a coat made out of extruded plastic?

Sears 108

This “Cuddle-Quilt Robe” conveniently immobilizes the wearer, making it ready-made for kidnappings and fraternity pranks!

Sears 234

You know you’re thinking it: How do you use the bathroom in that thing?

Sears 239

I can’t imagine any parent thinking this would be an appropriate purchase for their daughter:

Sears 237

Now, we can’t leave the teen-dudes out of the fun. This guy looks like he should be holding a lightsaber (“Only six months ’til Empire Strikes Back!”):

Sears 264

And then we’ve got these two. Hubba-hubba:

Sears 265

White People wear Western Shirts like this… but Black People wear western shirts like this….

Sears 324

“Western” was really big in 1980. You can even dress your toddler up like a  tiny JR Ewing!

Sears 70

Of course, you could always skip the clothes and get a $1125 Betamax:

Sears 421

Look at this selection of over twenty movies you can choose from!

Sears 20

$75 is a small price to pay to be able to watch The Towering Inferno whenever you want!

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3 Responses to Magazine Madness and/or Mania: selections from the Sears Wish Book for the 1980 Holiday Season

  1. grace says:

    That movie list is quite something. The prices!

    But I have some comments about the cover.

    1. I had that Fisher-Price nursery school & bumpy ride school bus when I was little! I also had Sesame Street Little People, who included Susan, Gordon, Mr. Hooper, and Big Bird (perhaps others—Cookie Monster, maybe?)

    2. The dad is wearing a full-length nightgown.

    3. Why is the mom wearing hooker makeup on Christmas morning?

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