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I’ll Get There. It Better Be Worth The Trip. By John Donovan

Background: In 1968, Harper & Row editor Ursula Nordstrom was looking for a follow-up to Louise Fitzhugh’s now-classic Harriet the Spy, when she received John Donovan’s proposal for a book for young readers dealing with what he euphemistically termed “buddy-love … Continue reading

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Spring Fire By Vin Packer

Vin Packer’s 1952 novel of ‘forbidden love” is generally considered to be the first in the niche market of Lesbian Pulp Fiction: strictly speaking, it is not intended for a teenage audience. However, it does deal with a 17-year old … Continue reading

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Magazine Madness and/or Mania: Star (1973)

Foxy Entertainment for 1973!  Launched by Petersen Publishing (purveyors of the squeaky-clean ‘Teen)  in February of 1973, the short-lived Star was a scandalous spin on the teen mag format, focusing on the groupie scene in Los Angeles. Cancelled after just … Continue reading

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The Grass Pipe By Robert Coles

A novel about Paul, Charlie, Tom and pot!  The book contains no illustrator credit for the cover, but what do you think- Mercer Mayer? Maybe Dell was hoping to trick kids into picking this up, having mistaken it for a … Continue reading

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Ann Landers Talks to Teen-Agers About Sex

The cover pretty much says it all: this is going to be plain-spoken, straight-talking advice delivered from Ms. Landers with a witty smirk. Background: “Ann Landers” as the world thinks of her was born in 1955, when Esther Lederer took … Continue reading

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