Magazine Madness and/or Mania: Star (1973)

Foxy Entertainment for 1973! 

Star Magazine 1973

Launched by Petersen Publishing (purveyors of the squeaky-clean ‘Teen)  in February of 1973, the short-lived Star was a scandalous spin on the teen mag format, focusing on the groupie scene in Los Angeles. Cancelled after just five issues, supposedly due to complaints by “concerned citizens”, the existent issues are a wild time capsule of dating advice, DIY fashions, hip celebrity interviews (Marc Bolan!) and a surprising number of arts and crafts projects.

Ryan Richardson has painstakingly created a website featuring the complete contents of all five published issues, which you can virtually flip through at your leisure. Seriously, go there!  It will be the best few hours you will waste at work all week! 

And remember, ladies:

The girl who reads Star…
Older people can never understand her,
Other girls whisper about her,
Guys suffer over her,
She knows the Foxy Ways


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