Birthday! Birthday! Birthday!

Today marks the 2nd birthday of this blog. As thanks to all of my loyal readers, please enjoy this stock photo of a cupcake:

2 cupcake

You can take a trip down memory lane by reading the review for Francine Pascal’s meddling-mother time-travel tale, Hangin’ Out With Cicinext week we’ll catch up Victoria Martin and see how she fared after her return from the 1940s.

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4 Responses to Birthday! Birthday! Birthday!

  1. msyingling says:

    Happy blogiversary! Always waiting to see what you’re reading. And.. off to see what else the author of the rather good historical novel Snow Treasure wrote (Three’s a Crowd)…

  2. miss amy says:

    Thanks for writing an awesome blog! I devoured the whole thing over a month or two–I love it. 😀 Looking forward to many great book reviews in the future.

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