Snow Bound By Harry Mazer

Due to technical difficulties, this week’s blog has been preempted. Enjoy this thematically appropriate selection from our archives:

Lost Classics of Teen Lit: 1939-1989

How hot is it down here in the city?  Hot enough that reading a book about slowly freezing to death in northern New York State sounds positively refreshing.


Background: The novel opens with an ominous epigraph from the fall 1970 issue of NAHO, an academic journal published by the New York State Museum and Science Service:

“Without a doubt the most forbidding and unknown physiographic region in New York State is the great windswept plateau called Tug Hill. On a road map it is that strange blank area of roughly two hundred thousand acres approximately twenty miles southeast of Watertown and thirty miles northwest of Utica. An effort to locate a hamlet or even a dirt road in this enigmatic area can only be rewarded with frustration…”

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