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Dirty Dancing #1: Baby, It’s You By N.H. Kleinbaum

Could there ever be a future together for Baby and Johnny? Background:  Does Dirty Dancing NEED any introduction? Well, I like this one, which really highlights the minor characters of Robbie the Evil Waiter, and Neil the Smarmy Schmuck:

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Magazine Madness and/or Mania: 16 Magazine, August 1966

I’ve talked before about the how difficult it must have been to get the tone right when writing for teen mags. Act too much like the actual adult you are and you sound outright contemptuous about the-kids-these-days, what with their … Continue reading

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Love Is Like Peanuts By Betty Bates

“Who says I’m too young for love?” Just as a public service, I feel like I should warn you the metaphor gets extended to the point where you might go into anaphylactic shock. The Plot: 14 year old Marianne Mandic … Continue reading

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Bunny Hug (First Love From Silhouette #89) By Elaine Harper

She was leading a double life! Background: Is it a major holiday? You can bet that Elaine Harper and First Love From Silhouette have got us covered with another teen romance featuring bizarre gender politics, absurd plot twists and highly detailed … Continue reading

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