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The Dollhouse Murders By Betty Ren Wright

The old dollhouse was trying to tell Amy something… Just in time for Halloween: ghosts, an unsolved double murder and AN INAPPROPRIATE BURDEN OF RESPONSIBILITY! The Plot: Amy Treloar, just weeks away from her 13th birthday, struggles with her feelings regarding … Continue reading

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Wrapping Up The Imaginary Summer Book Club: The Bad Seed By William March

(Click here for information on the 2015 edition of Molly’s Imaginary Summer Book Club Featuring Classics of Women’s Literature. As all of the four selected titles have filmed adaptations, we will be looking at the movie versions as we go along. … Continue reading

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The Long Shot: A Kim Aldrich Mystery (#4) By Jinny McDonnell

It’s an adventure Kim will never forget, when she and Kevin, an attentive boys’ camp counselor, stalk a vicious kidnapper-killer through the mountain wilderness… Time to wrap up this year’s month-long look at vintage girls series published by Whitman in the … Continue reading

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Donna Parker: A Spring to Remember (#4) By Marcia Martin

Donna had no way of knowing that things would happen before graduation that would completely change her feelings toward her friend. Whitman-o-rama month continues with Marcia Martin’s extremely pleasant series on junior high school life in the 1950s-60s. Background: When last … Continue reading

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Trudy Phillips, New Girl (#1) By Barbara S. Bates

“New, new, new! New Girl! I hate being new. Why did we have to move!” Background: Continuing our annual round-up of Whitman hardcovers of the 1950s, 60s and 70s we come to the Trudy Phillips series on high school life,  which … Continue reading

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