Happy Birthday, Beverly Cleary!

Beverly Cleary celebrates her 101st (!!!) birthday today, so I invite you to Drop Everything And Read, maybe starting with the three Cleary YA classics we’ve reviewed here!

We’ll return next week to finish off the informal quartet of Cleary’s YA work with Sister of the Bride, a tale of Vespa-riding teenaged lotharios, sequinned oven mitts, sensible brown towels, tattooed earlobes and Bay-area beatniks!

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3 Responses to Happy Birthday, Beverly Cleary!

  1. Barb from CNY says:

    My 3 favorites!!

  2. Tamaraz says:

    The “luckiest girl” was based on her own experience as a teen, going to stay with family in California…such a great book! I hope the great lady had a wonderful birthday! 🙂

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