Tiger Beat Presents: Teenage Love Stories By Sharon Lee and Liz Dagucon

We’re going into reruns for the next month, constant readers, so that I can work on another literary project (WATCH THIS SPACE!); we’ll return for a Lost Classics Holiday installment the week of December 14, and then return to our regularly scheduled programming in January.

In the meantime enjoy this lost classic from our archive:

Lost Classics of Teen Lit: 1939-1989

This is one of those books that is so much more crazy than the cover would indicate. In this case, when I paid 20 cents for it in an upstate New York thrift store, I did not realize how literally I supposed to take the cover. Make no mistake, this is a book about crying. The teenage girl-heroines, their boyfriends, their moms and dads all are in constant danger of floating away on a sea of tears.

Published by Tiger Beat, this is the first volume (!!!) of three short stories that targets an audience of girls who apparently don’t have enough to cry about in their own lives. I really have to rein in the urge to just quote line after line of the jaw-droppingly overwrought descriptions. But enough set up, let’s go to the stories:

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