So You’re A Teenage Girl By Jill Renich

We’re going into reruns for the next month, constant readers, so that I can work on another literary project (WATCH THIS SPACE!); we’ll return for a Lost Classics Holiday installment the week of December 14, and then return to our regularly scheduled programming in January.

In the meantime enjoy this lost classic from our archive:

Lost Classics of Teen Lit: 1939-1989

“Oh, Mother! Don’t you wish you were a teenager!!?”

“No, I don’t, honey.”

So You're a Teenage Girl

Background: Author Jill Renich is the granddaughter of famed 19th century evangelist Reuben Archer Torrey, and she was born and raised by missionary parents in China. That is about all of the information the internet has to offer on her, aside from the fact that she is the author of Developing a Wholesome Sex Attitude in Children and Preparing Children for Marriage, titles which were probably less titter-worthy 40 or 50 years ago.

So You’re a Teenage Girl (So what!) promises to address such “major social crises” as

Sloppy Homework

What to do on a Date


Handling Your Emotions

Jill Renich

Look, I was going to go for the easy joke and be all like “This is clearly someone who is hep to The Young People!” But you know what? That is pretty much what…

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