I Passed as a Teenager By Lyn Tornabene

We’re going into reruns for the next month, constant readers, so that I can work on another literary project (WATCH THIS SPACE!); we’ll return for a Lost Classics Holiday installment the week of December 14, and then return to our regularly scheduled programming in January.

In the meantime enjoy this lost classic from our archive:

Lost Classics of Teen Lit: 1939-1989

Before Drew Barrymore did it in Never Been Kissed, before Cameron Crowe did it for-reals for (the book) Fast Times at Ridgemont High, freelance journalist Lyn Tornabene, “cute and 33”, left New York and went undercover as a teenager in a gigantic suburban high school in an unnamed city “west of the Rockies”, ostensibly to write a series of articles for an editor looking for a new angle on this whole teenager thing that seems to be all the rage. Will she discover that teens of the mid-1960s are a new, dangerous breed that is completely indecipherable to the adults around them? Or will she confirm her suspicions that life is pretty much the same as it was when she was a high school student in the 1940s? Spoilers: yes. Only it’s more like IT IS EXACTLY THE SAME WHY OH WHY GOD IS IT EXACTLY THE SAME??? Frankly, if…

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