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Karen Simms, Private Secretary By Bernard and Marjorie Palmer

“I wanted to get into business where it’s exciting- where things happen.” In the past, I have been pleasantly surprised by the Palmers’ “Career Books” for the Moody Bible Institute, in that they present fairly progressive tales of young women pursuing … Continue reading

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Movie Madness and/or Mania: Back Door To Heaven (William K. Howard, 1939)

The 1950s might have been the golden age of Juvenile Delinquent movies, but the concept stretches back to the 1930s: Dead End and its subsequent spin-offs, and William Wellman’s Wild Boys of the Road dealt with teenagers on their own … Continue reading

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My Name Is Davy I’m An Alcoholic By Anne Snyder

Davy Kimble didn’t have a friend in the world- until he discovered booze and Maxi… Is it the late 1970s? Then it must be time for yet another social-problem novel about the dangers of (checks notes)… DRINKING! But first can … Continue reading

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You Would If You Loved Me By Nora Stirling

She realized that a lot of other girls would give anything to be in her shoes. ANYTHING. And that was the problem… Background: It’s noted that at the time of the publication of the Avon-Flare edition, this title had “Over 725,000 … Continue reading

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