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Summer Theme Part 1: “Going To Camp”

Over the next few months, we’ll be looking at some books focusing on popular YA summer experiences. Part 1 will be “Going to Camp” and will commence the first week of July; in the meantime, you can check out some … Continue reading

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The Truth About Fonzie By Peggy Herz

Whatever, Henry certainly looks happy. I’m a sucker for these cheapo paperback celebrity “biographies”, regarding them as VALUABLE CULTURAL ARTIFACTS of the zeitgeist of 1970-something, forever preserving the moment when whoever was the biggest star in the teenage galaxy. This … Continue reading

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Sixth Grade Can Really Kill You By Barthe DeClements

But what will it take to get herself out of trouble when she’s been in it so long? Barthe DeClements introduced Elsie Edwards as the class fatty-pariah in Nothing’s Fair in Fifth Grade, and followed her development into an insecure … Continue reading

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Sixteen (Short Stories By Outstanding Writers For Young Adults) Edited By Donald R. Gallo

Their impressions radiate through an emotional prism of hope and hate, love and death, despair and joy… Check out the Murderer’s Row of authors featured in this collection: Joan Aiken, Judie Angell, Robin F. Brancato, Robert Cormier, Diane Duane, Bette … Continue reading

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