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Magazine Madness and/or Mania: Ideas For Hideous Entertaining from Seventeen, May 1978

Ah, the late 1970s. So many Earth Tones, so many ads for tanning oil. What did it mean to be a teenager 42 years ago? Well, I am actually rather unclear, because a lot of the content in this issue … Continue reading

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Sal Fisher At Girl Scout Camp By Lillian S. Gardner

Fun – problems – surprises. Sharing them with Sal Fisher is like spending a thrilling summer at camp yourself! “Thrilling”? Well, the thrills are of only the most gentle and reassuring kind, which was not my intention when the week … Continue reading

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Dear Mom, You’re Ruining My Life By Jean Van Leeuwen

You always say parents and children should trust each other. Well, I trusted you. This is the most mysterious book I have picked up for this project. While there are certain titles that the back-cover copy gives the potential reader … Continue reading

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