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The Forest Fire Mystery (Wilderness Mystery #6) By Troy Nesbit

“GET OUT! GET OFF THE MOUNTAIN!” Usually, fall means a look at the “girls’ series” published by Whitman in the 1940s through the 1970s: those thick, cellophane-clad hardcovers featuring teen girls sleuthing around Westchester County or California’s Bay Area. And … Continue reading

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Donna Parker: Mystery at Arawak (#6) By Marcia Martin

She really hadn’t meant to pry, but why did Helene seem so terribly upset and worried? What could be in the letters that was so important, and so private? She acted almost as though it were a matter of life … Continue reading

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Magazine Madness and/or Mania: ‘Teen, June 1962

Not generally being actual teenagers, the editors of teen mags have the unenviable task of walking the line between being hip, but not trying so hard that they spin back around to being totally uncool. Try too hard and you … Continue reading

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