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Rod Serling’s Night Gallery

Don’t miss television’s most imaginative show… If it’s summer, it must be time for watching reruns on TV and checking out novelizations of movies and TV shows out of the local library! (What? Isn’t this everyone?) A few summers back … Continue reading

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Movie Madness And/Or Mania: Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo Jones (1971)

Back in 2014 I wrote about the 1967 teens-in-trouble classic Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo Jones, in which author Ann Head (the penname for non-YA writer Anne Wales Christensen), tells the story of how two high school seniors cope with … Continue reading

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Checking In With The Imaginary Summer Book Club: My Face For The World To See By Liz Renay

(Click here for information on the 2020 edition of Molly’s Imaginary Summer Book Club Featuring Classics of Women’s Literature.  This week, the July selection, My Face for the World to See By Liz Renay.)  When I announced this title, I … Continue reading

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The Lonely Trip Back By Florrie Fisher

If you’ve ever wondered what life on the needle is like, ask a white, middle-class, middle-aged lady named Florrie Fisher- she’ll tell you more than you’re prepared to know! Florrie Fisher’s The Lonely Trip Back graphically details a case of … Continue reading

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Just Dial A Number By Edith Maxwell

An Annoying Autobiographical Pause: The summer I was 12 I decided to keep a log of all of the books I read for an entire year, with the goal of reading 100 or more by the following summer. I was … Continue reading

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A New Penny By Bianca Bradbury

Or: So You’ve Decided to Ruin Your Life. Most YA works dealing with teen pregnancy end before the baby is delivered; Bianca Bradbury takes a different route and instead paints a relentlessly grim portrait of young marriage.

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