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Movie Madness And/Or Mania: Summer of Fear [AKA Stranger In Our House] (1978)

Theatrically-released versions of vintage YA works are few and far between- it has taken until this year to finally get a high-profile Judy Blume adaptation (The first pass, Tiger Eyes, an indie release directed by Blume’s son, basically sank without … Continue reading

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The Best Little Girl In The World By Steven Levenkron

The idea came to her with a flash of excitement. Francesca was fat. Francesca was dead. I feel like this is one of those titles that for a couple of decades was as widely-known and widely-read as Are You There … Continue reading

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Checking In With The Imaginary Summer Book Club: The Women’s Room By Marilyn French

(Click here for information on the 2020 edition of Molly’s Imaginary Summer Book Club Featuring Classics of Women’s Literature.  This week, the June Selection, Marilyn French’s The Women’s Room.)  I vowed to complete the “June” Imaginary Book Club title by … Continue reading

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The Back Of The Book Part II: (Still) More From Seventeen, May 1978

So, a big THANK YOU for eveyone who shared their memories about the fat camps, boarding schools of questionable repute, and get-rich-quick schemes that Seventeen was trying to sell to the impressionable teens of 1978. They were a blast to read! This … Continue reading

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The Back Of The Book Part I: More From Seventeen, May 1978

As voted upon by YOU, THE READERS, this week we take a second look at the May, 1978 issue of Seventeen, specifically the tiny, black & white advertisements for teenage dreams and schemes. As a Seventeen reader in the early 1990s, I have … Continue reading

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Movie Madness and/or Mania: Snowbound (1978)

Welcome back, Constant Readers and thank you for casting a vote in last week’s poll to determine what ELSE we should look at inside a 42-year old issue of Seventeen magazine. With a full 50% of the vote, we shall … Continue reading

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Magazine Madness and/or Mania: Ideas For Hideous Entertaining from Seventeen, May 1978

Ah, the late 1970s. So many Earth Tones, so many ads for tanning oil. What did it mean to be a teenager 42 years ago? Well, I am actually rather unclear, because a lot of the content in this issue … Continue reading

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Steffie Can’t Come Out To Play By Fran Arrick

To meet a man like Favor on her very first day in New York City… Runaway teen stories if this era can be numbingly repetitive- when 14 year old Stephanie Rudd explains that’s she ditching her terrible family and terrible … Continue reading

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Looking On By Betty Miles

There has to more to her life than just looking on… This week’s book strikes me as a sort that isn’t written any more: a coming-of-age story in which not much really happens. In this case the most dramatic thing … Continue reading

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Love Is One Of The Choices By Norma Klein

Maggie and Caroline: Two young women who must suddenly come to terms with their lives… If Norma Klein’s work pushes the envelope farther than her contemporaries when it comes to dealing with social issues, than Love is One of the … Continue reading

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