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Someday Soon (Heart To Heart #2) By Vicki Tyler

Annie wonders if anyone will ever like her that way… I’ll say it again: I cannot resist a YA romance series with a gimmick, whether it is time travel, a talking dog, or he said/she said two-in-ones. The Heart-to-Heart Series … Continue reading

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Checking In With The Imaginary Summer Book Club: The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown By Sylvia Tate

(Click here for information on the 2017 edition of Molly’s Imaginary Summer Book Club Featuring Classics of Women’s Literature. As all of the four selected titles have filmed adaptations, we will be looking at the movie versions as we go along. … Continue reading

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The Taking of Mariasburg By Julian F. Thompson

She made a dream come true… now she has to defend it. This week’s title comes courtesy of my friend Carrie (author, bird enthusiast, endlessly patient soul in the face of my many philosophies regarding Cold War teenage werewolves… truly … Continue reading

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I Passed as a Teenager By Lyn Tornabene

Before Drew Barrymore did it in Never Been Kissed, before Cameron Crowe did it for-reals for (the book) Fast Times at Ridgemont High, freelance journalist Lyn Tornabene, “cute and 33”, left New York and went undercover as a teenager in a gigantic suburban high … Continue reading

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To Nick From Jan By Julie Campbell Tatham

Background: When doing some fact-checking for last month’s Whitman extravaganza, I came across a reference to this stand-alone (non-series) title by everyone’s favorite series author, Julie Campbell Tatham. Enticingly described as sharing a lot of similarities with Campbell’s flagship Trixie … Continue reading

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