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Going To Camp Part 3: Little Darlings By Sonia Pilcer

The story of two innocent girls in a race not to stay that way! A one-sentence description of the plot (adapted from the screenplay of the notorious 1980 film) belies the sensitivity with which the subject is treated: two girls … Continue reading

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Cher! By Vicki Pellegrino

The child bride turned vamp! Unlike the last week’s quickie celebrity biography, in which the subject had not yet done much of note, the author here has to contend with a subject that might just be (GASP!) washed up. With … Continue reading

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Summer To Summer (Heart to Heart #1) By Carol Ellis

I have said it before: I just can’t pass up a vintage girls’ series with a gimmick… …but before we get to all of that, what do you think? Is that Courteney Cox on the cover? She appeared on a … Continue reading

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