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It’s Not What You Expect By Norma Klein

Suddenly, summer becomes a time of self-discovery… Norma Klein is best known for her controversy-courting YA novels of the 1970s; in books like Angel Face and Love is One of the Choices, the teenaged protagonists deal regularly with drugs, sex, … Continue reading

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Karen Simms, Private Secretary By Bernard and Marjorie Palmer

“I wanted to get into business where it’s exciting- where things happen.” In the past, I have been pleasantly surprised by the Palmers’ “Career Books” for the Moody Bible Institute, in that they present fairly progressive tales of young women pursuing … Continue reading

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Nurses Three: A Career For Kelly (#1) By Jean Kirby

Shy, sensitive Kelly found herself fighting for everything she had ever believed in… Our annual round-up of Whitman Girls Series chugs right along this week with a favorite author… IN DISGUISE! Background: I’ve noted before the reasons for the enduring … Continue reading

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Robin West: Nurse’s Aide By Louise Christopher

The pretty nurse’s aide becomes involved in the strange life of a beautiful debutante… It’s easy to see why nurse books were so popular amongst young, female readers of the 20th century: nurses got to actually do things: live away … Continue reading

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Hollywood Daughters #3: Encore By Joan Lowery Nixon

Erin Jenkins, teen star, feels closer to her show-biz parents than to her real ones, who don’t approve of her television career… Background: The first volume of the Hollywood Daughters series dealt with former child star Abby “Cookie” Baynes and her … Continue reading

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Checking In With The Imaginary Summer Book Club: The Love Boats By Jeraldine Saunders

(Click here for information on the 2016 edition of Molly’s Imaginary Summer Book Club Featuring Classics of Women’s Literature.  This month, the August selection, Jeraldine Saunders’s The Love Boats.)  I was somewhat reticent to get into another swingin’ travel industry expose, after … Continue reading

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Margaret (Sunfire Romance #27) By Jane Claypool Miner

Can her worst student teach her the most important lesson of all? Back to school! Time to start the year with a good attitude cautionary tale wacky scheme inspirational message epic wish-fulfillment fantasy  slightly anachronistic feminist career romance! Background: Scholastic’s … Continue reading

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