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Teen-Agers, Unite! By Charles M. Schulz

The “Peanuts” Gang Grows Up! A Great New Collection of Riotous Cartoons By Charles M. Schulz I don’t even remember where I picked up this oddball collection- the generic hand-lettered price tag only tips me off that it was NOT … Continue reading

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Going To Camp Part 2: I Want To Go Home! By Gordon Korman

Rudy Miller hates Camp Algonkian Island so much he’ll do anything to escape…. Background: Canadian writer Gordon Korman retains a cultish appeal among a certain segment of Middle Readers, in part because (as stated in the Scholastic Book Services biographical … Continue reading

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Checking In With The Imaginary Summer Book Club: Red-Headed Woman By Katharine Brush

(Click here for information on the 2018 edition of Molly’s Imaginary Summer Book Club Featuring Classics of Women’s Literature. As all of the four selected titles have filmed adaptations, we will be looking at the movie versions as we go along. … Continue reading

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This Place Has No Atmosphere By Paula Danziger

In the year 2057, zits and cliques are still around, but people live in malls, take classes in ESP, and get detention from robots! Paula Danziger is best remembered for The Cat Ate My Gym Suit, a bright and funny book about … Continue reading

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The Plot Against The Pom-Pom Queen By Ellen Leroe

Then Kelsey discovers Magical Male Grabbers… So, giving a plot overview for this one is going to make it sound so generic that I can’t imagine why anyone would bother even reading the summary: a late bloomer and former-fatty undergoes … Continue reading

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Jean and Johnny By Beverly Cleary

It all starts the night Johnny Chessler asks Jean to dance… Beverly Cleary celebrates her 100th birthday on Tuesday, and so OF COURSE we are looking at another of her early YA titles today! Best known (do I really need … Continue reading

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And This Is Laura By Ellen Conford

Is Laura’s talent for seeing into the future a gift or a curse? Like her contemporary, Lois Duncan, Ellen Conford takes a rather casual attitude towards teenagers with psychic powers. Instead of focusing on suspense, however, Conford largely focuses on … Continue reading

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