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Baby-Sitting Is A Dangerous Job By Willo Davis Roberts

I could have never predicted what would happen next… Background: Willo Davis Roberts was one of the more prolific writers toiling away in the YA/Middle Reader vineyards of the 1970s and 80s, authoring YA Romances (3 titles in the Sunfire series), social-problem books … Continue reading

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Checking In With The Imaginary Summer Book Club: The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown By Sylvia Tate

(Click here for information on the 2017 edition of Molly’s Imaginary Summer Book Club Featuring Classics of Women’s Literature. As all of the four selected titles have filmed adaptations, we will be looking at the movie versions as we go along. … Continue reading

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The Long Shot: A Kim Aldrich Mystery (#4) By Jinny McDonnell

It’s an adventure Kim will never forget, when she and Kevin, an attentive boys’ camp counselor, stalk a vicious kidnapper-killer through the mountain wilderness… Time to wrap up this year’s month-long look at vintage girls series published by Whitman in the … Continue reading

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Secrets By Nancy J. Hopper

Everyone at Missarthur School thought that Lenore James was a loony, and she encouraged them to think it- most of the time. The (fairly good) pulp cover of this Weekly Reader paperback belies the content: although the YA Thriller plot … Continue reading

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Ransom By Lois Duncan

Five students kidnapped, four families torn apart. Lois Duncan is best known for her YA thrillers that involve a supernatural twist, such as telepathy or psychic intuition or witchcraft. However, her earliest YA works are straightforward suspense and mystery titles … Continue reading

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Missing Since Monday By Ann M. Martin

Maggies’s little sister was the first to disappear. Would Maggie be next? Background: Ann M. Martin got her start as an editor and house writer for Scholastic (one of her first published titles was for Scholastic’s Wildfire YA romance imprint); … Continue reading

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