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Movie Madness And/Or Mania: Summer of Fear [AKA Stranger In Our House] (1978)

Theatrically-released versions of vintage YA works are few and far between- it has taken until this year to finally get a high-profile Judy Blume adaptation (The first pass, Tiger Eyes, an indie release directed by Blume’s son, basically sank without … Continue reading

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The Truth About Fonzie By Peggy Herz

Whatever, Henry certainly looks happy. I’m a sucker for these cheapo paperback celebrity “biographies”, regarding them as VALUABLE CULTURAL ARTIFACTS of the zeitgeist of 1970-something, forever preserving the moment when whoever was the biggest star in the teenage galaxy. This … Continue reading

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Stories From The Twilight Zone By Rod Serling

Watch Rod Serling’s exciting series THE TWILIGHT ZONE each week on the CBS television network. So, one of my OTHER projects this summer was to watch or re-watch all five seasons of The Twilight Zone, a series that has loomed large … Continue reading

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Movie Madness and/or Mania: Diary of a Teenage Hitchhiker (Ted Post, 1979)

New year, new features, part 2! The third Friday of every month will now be devoted to Lost Classic Teenpics. And we’ll start it off right, with a Made-For-TV scare-film about an imaginary hitchhiking epidemic starring the teen cast members … Continue reading

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