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Movie Madness And/Or Mania: My Mother Was Never A Kid [Hangin’ Out With Cici] (1980)

As this site concludes its tenth (!!!) year, we’re going to do a true Throwback Thursday, revisiting the very first title we reviewed, Francine Pascal’s time-traveling mother-daughter epic (and start of the Victoria Martin trilogy) Hangin’ Out With Cici. A … Continue reading

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Swept Away #8: All Shook Up By Eileen Goudge

Background: When last we met teenaged girl-genius Ashley Calhoun, she sent her best friend Louise “Lou” Greenspan back in time to break up her 16 year old mother’s romance with a no-good hippie, watch The Who at Woodstock for like … Continue reading

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Swept Away #2: Woodstock Magic By Eileen Goudge

You know what I love? A YA romance series with a gimmick. You know what else I love? Terrible depictions of the 1960s: the 1999 NBC miniseries “The 60’s”, in which one family experiences every political and cultural event of … Continue reading

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Hangin’ Out With Cici By Francine Pascal

Background: We have to address the elephant in the room:  Sweet Valley Confidential, the long-rumored “ten years-later” sequel to Francine Pascal’s various Sweet Valley series which finally came to fruition last year. The big news at the time was that … Continue reading

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