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Teen-Agers, Unite! By Charles M. Schulz

The “Peanuts” Gang Grows Up! A Great New Collection of Riotous Cartoons By Charles M. Schulz I don’t even remember where I picked up this oddball collection- the generic hand-lettered price tag only tips me off that it was NOT … Continue reading

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Trudy Phillips Headline Year (#2) By Barbara Bates

“I swear I don’t know what this generation of teen-agers is coming to. No respect for order and safety at all!” If it is October, it must be Whitman girls series! We conclude this fall with a look at the … Continue reading

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The Truth About Fonzie By Peggy Herz

Whatever, Henry certainly looks happy. I’m a sucker for these cheapo paperback celebrity “biographies”, regarding them as VALUABLE CULTURAL ARTIFACTS of the zeitgeist of 1970-something, forever preserving the moment when whoever was the biggest star in the teenage galaxy. This … Continue reading

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Trying Harder By Suzanne Zuckerman

If it hadn’t been for Mark, Jenifer would have never been asked out by Cliff Moore, the captain of the football team… Each of the major mass-market teen paperback romance imprints (Sweet Dreams, Wildfire, First Love) carved out their own … Continue reading

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Twink By John Neufeld

Her family had been warned of the awesome responsibility they were all accepting… her “preppie” step-brother Harry felt sick the first time he saw her. The 1960s and 1970s (and into the ‘80s) saw a new wave of YA Fiction … Continue reading

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This Place Has No Atmosphere By Paula Danziger

In the year 2057, zits and cliques are still around, but people live in malls, take classes in ESP, and get detention from robots! Paula Danziger is best remembered for The Cat Ate My Gym Suit, a bright and funny book about … Continue reading

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To All My Fans, With Love, From Sylvie By Ellen Conford

For Sylvie, movies weren’t just stories. They were a way out. A few years ago I reviewed Conford’s And This Is Laura, and recalled it as pleasant, but largely unremarkable. So I was surprised to find Sylvie a much more sophisticated piece of work, … Continue reading

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