Further Reading

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Specific Series:

BSC Headquarters
Babysitters Club blog

Christopher Cool, TEEN Agent
Grosset & Dunlap’s James Bond-inspired boys’ series at series.net

Linda’s Donna Parker Page
Overview of the Whitman series and the characters

Leo Edwards Original Homepage
Lots of information on the Jerry Todd and Poppy Ott author, maintained by his great-grandson!

Series Spotlight: Kim Aldrich
Article on the 1970’s Whitman Girls’ Mystery Series

Nancy Drew Sleuths
“Nancy Drew Sleuths is an organization of American and International fans and scholars,   established on April 10, 2000 for the purpose of fostering the enduring legacy of Nancy Drew.”

Sweet Valley High fan community

The Dairi Burger
The original Sweet Valley High recap site, plus more!

Shannon’s Sweet Valley High Blog 
High/Twins/Senior Year/The Sweet Life reviews

Somewhere Between Y.A. Lit & Death
Lurlene McDaniel blog

Brian’s Jalopy
Trixie Belden recaps

The Trixie Belden Homepage
One of the longest-running Trixie fansites!

Extensive listings of titles, editions and authors, including the numerous “Kathryn Kennys”

Comprehensive Wikipedia article on the Sunfire series
Sadly, many the Sunfire fan sites seemed to have vanished into the ether in the last few months.

Sunfire Romance Novels
“In the 80s, the world was lit by Sunfire!”
Short summaries of Sunfire and other YA historcal romances, including the Dawn of Love series.

Fiction Database: Wildfire Romance
Author, publication date and (some) jacket blurbs for Wildfires #1 – 80

General YA Titles and Assorted Series: 

Cliquey Pizza
1980s YA Books and culture

Cliquey Pizza 2
1980s teen series books

Cliquey Pizza 3
Vintage YA authors
All of these sites have amazingly exhaustive cover-art galleries!

Consumed and Judged
Brief reviews of “odd and obscure” vintage paperbacks, including pulp, romance and YA titles

Fine Lines 
Lizzie Skurnick’s much-missed 2007-2009 weekly column at Jezebel.com featuring popular YA and Juvenile books of our youth. The collection is also available as an actual book.

You can also keep current with Shelf Discovery on Facebook.

The Boomer Child’s Bookcase
Vintage Scholastic Book Services titles

Girls Series Books 1840-1991
The most comprehensive listing of  girls series books, compiled by the University of Minnesota Libraries (cached copy).

Vintage Romance Covers and Vintage Nurse Romance Novels 
Two great blogs with great covers

Vintage Series Books for Girls
More in-depth look at popular American and British girls’ series and comprehensive cover/dust jacket galleries.

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